I’d draw my OCs all the time if I could tbh

I’d draw my OCs all the time if I could tbh

Opening up the commissions again for a while!

more examples on my blog

I will draw

pretty much everything from your OC:s to fan art

I will not draw

very explicit pornography/gore or extreme fetishes

(I’ll draw smut in some extent you just have to ask)

How this thing works

Just drop me an email in: niimokki@gmail(dot)com and tell me what you want (remember references) I will then draw you a sketch (sketch commissions are exception as the commission is the sketch) of what it would look like, you will also get payment details.

Payment is via paypal. Payment is in euros! You need to convert the money if you have different currency. If you want to check exchange rate you can check it here and also paypal converts the money for you.

Once  you think the sketch is good and your payment comes through i’ll start drawing the commission. I’ll try to get commissions done in a week or so but it can take a lot longer depending on my life situation.

Anonymous asked: Have you gone/are going to an art college? (if so, which one? thanks :3)

No i haven’t anon (And I doubt I never will, I don’t really want to.) I study audiovisual communications atm

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i-chi-go-ku-ro-sa-ki asked: i adore your art style wow. which program do you use? :)

Thanks! u v u I use Photoshop CS5 (though I have thought of upgrading to CS6)

Anonymous asked: Hey niimonn- I love your art so much ! I wanted to ask you: When you are working on your art- how big are your canvases usually?

awawa hello lovely anon u v u I used to work on PS international A3 size, but my crappy laptop couldn’t handle it, so I use A4 instead.

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sasscookie asked: hey uhm im like an aspiring artist and i wanted to know how you got such perfect anatomy, i mean i mostly draw females but you just have it down so well O.o

hhh thanks ! When I wanted to improve my anatomy, I bought a human anatomy book and drew the whole thing through. Of course I still make quite a lot of mistakes, but it had a huge help understanding anatomy. Also if I can’t get something down as good as i’d want to, I look up references. 

fun fact I have an irrational fear for dismemberment to the point that i almost vomited when I played clear’s bad ending so i’ve never considered that I draw gore/body horror??? w o w but I guess I am??? ?

also i made these lil shinji and karl stickers a while ago

4rekid asked: I LOVE your art style you draw so expressively and you have wonderful composition and like even your doodles have so much personality and I love it omg. I hope this isn't a bother, but do you have any advice for artists just starting out???

mann thank you! 

I’m not sure if i’m the right person to give advice, but as dull as it sounds you just got to draw, draw and draw, learn lots of anatomy and use references! imo you should concentrate to technical things first before developing your own style b/c mostly it will develop on it’s own.  Also I know that in the past I used to compare myself a lot to better artists and it actually caused me a huge art block for a long time, if watching other peoples art affects you in that extent that you’re unable to draw my advice would be to not watch other art at all for a while at least (though you can get lot of inspiration from other artists!)

Don’t throw your old art away! you will regret it in the future, since it’s really motivating to see how much you have improved. Also if you want to improve ”fast” do some kind of plan like for example doing 5 sketches a day for a year.  

And last remember to take care of your hands and wrists your arm should always rest on a table or something similar and your wrist should be p straight while drawing, also i recommend googling some good daily wrist exercises. It may sound dumb but it helps in the long run.

yeah idk i hope some of this helps!

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i like to draw homos and stuff